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How Can I Help?

I offer a full range of podcast services so you can take spend your time on what matters most.

You create the content, let me do the rest.


Because each show is unique, pricing varies based on your podcast’s specific format and needs.



Through the editing process, I will make sure your podcast sounds both professional and relational so nothing distracts your listeners from understanding the message you want to relay. Editing services include removing background noise, creating continuity and removing long pauses and other filler words that bog down a podcast.



After editing, the production process is what takes your podcast from a recorded chat, to a finished product. Inserting intros, outros, ads and sound effects all come together to create the tone and energy you want your listeners to become familiar with and that enables them to remember you.

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Show Notes

Now that you’ve spent all that time recording, the last thing you want to do is recap what you just said. Let me do that for you! I will provide links to anything mentioned in the show, talking points for listeners to reference, guest bios, and links to sponsors or affiliates.

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Take the administrative work off your plate so you’ll have more time to create. I’ll upload the show notes and completed episode to your podcast host and schedule your episode, ensuring that it publishes on time and is distributed to the major podcast platforms.

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Podcasting takes a lot of effort, so why not get the most out of your work by repurposing it? Add transcription to your website to create more content, increase user experience and boost your SEO.



Want to add another voice to your show? With over a decade of on air radio experience, I can provide vocals for intros, outros and ads. I also offer hosting for scripted short-term projects.

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Your episode is live - time to promote it! An audiogram is a audio file converted into a video that can be shared via your social media platforms. I’ll pull the clip from your audio and format it so all you have to do it share it on your channels.


Podcast Consulting

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With over 15 years of radio experience, I am fully equipped to help you uncover the nuances of what will make your podcast sound just right. How long should your show be for the most impact? What equipment do you need to get the best quality? How do you even get started in podcasting? I am ready to handle your questions.